Frequently Asked Questions

Are the houses painted?
Yes…each house is painted inside and out.

How long does it take to get my product?
Depending on the time of year, all we need is a 2 to 3 week lead-time.

Does the house have a floor?
All playhouses include a floor. Along with four walls and a roof.

Does the floor have some type of covering?
Yes…all floors have a vinyl covering over them. We try and coordinate the vinyl color with the paint color.

Is a foundation need?
Not in most cases. All floors are constructed with pressure treated lumber. Which can be placed directly on the ground. We generally raise the floor 1 to 2 inches for maintenance reasons.

Can we change or add to the Playhouse?
Yes…we will work with you on designing the house that fits your needs.

Can you build something different?
Yes…let us know what you have in mind or supply us with a picture.

Can I assemble the playhouse myself?
Yes…you can do all the assembly yourself. With a little help with lifting, your playhouse can be place of fun in matter of minutes.

What type of materials are used?
Each house is constructed with lumber and we use only premium lumber for our houses.



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