"As a child, I loved my playhouse.
I want that experience for our children, too."

At Princess Playhomes, customers come to us every day with revered memories of hours and hours of pure delight spent in a childhood playhouse.

So we know how important it is to have a safe, suitable, fun place for your children to let their imaginations soar. A place where memories are built to last a lifetime.

This explains our pledge to design, build and install a playhome in your backyard that can serve your family for generations. That's why we spare no effort in making certain every Princess Playhome incorporates these 4 all-important qualities:

Every Princess Playhome is hand-crafted. It's something we've been doing to perfection for 15 years. We don't just hand-build and hand-finish our Playhomes piece by piece, we also hand-assemble them on your property. So that there's never any question about the quality of the product you are getting.
Our "playhome" doesn't have to look like a house. It can be a school, castle, fort, firehouse or store. It can have electricity, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning. A porch, a deck, an awning. Cedar shingles, special paint colors, special flooring. Simply tell us what you see in your imagination and we can make it happen.
Real houses can serve for generations, if they are made of quality materials, and are quality-constructed, and if they are taken care of properly. We select our materials with the same care that we use to craft and assemble our playhouses. We have built longevity into their design. When we come to your house to install your Princess Playhome, we'll tell you exactly what you need to do to make sure it stays around for a long time.
You can spend a few hundred dollars on your Princess Playhome, or several thousand. But low-end or high-end, you can be assured that a similar playhouse from almost any other supplier will cost you more. Don't take our word for it. Compare products, craftsmanship, and prices, so you can appreciate the value that Princess Playhomes delivers, dollar for dollar, in every home it delivers.

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